Slow Your Roll…

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Slow Your Roll…

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Last week the new pattern for the Slow Your Roll Sewalong was released by Lindsey at Pen and Paper Patterns. The pattern is called “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”TinyTown-1

This Sewalong is designed to be no stress and  to give those who are struggling to keep up in the online sewing community permission to sew less and say no to the unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves to make ALL THE PROJECTS. I know I’m guilty of this and when I responded on Instagram to Lindsey about what a great idea this is I instantly felt the pressure to participate. So here I am. But I like the pace of this Sewalong. It’s spread out over several months and allows us to work on anything else we want to work on.

Personal SYR Schedule

As you can guess, I have a few projects that have piled up over the last year so I am going to commit to working on “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” as well as 3 other quilt tops that are close but not quite finished. Maybe by the end of May I’ll feel better about the progress I have made.

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