It’s Farm Girl Day!

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It’s Farm Girl Day!


I’m back on Farm Girl Friday to share with you the progress I have made. At this point I’ve settled in to a groove of 2 blocks per week. It fits with all the other sewing I’m trying to do and work and gym and social life. Because we need all those things!


First up is the Cross Stitch block. This is a block that’s been around for awhile, and I know it goes by other names which I cannot recall as I’m typing. But I love that Lori called this the Cross Stitch block, because that’s what it looks like.  This one is 6″ finished.


The other block I finished this week is the Curious Crow block. This one is also 6″. Those skinny, straight legs are pretty funny. I hope you get to do some sewing this weekend!


One thought on “It’s Farm Girl Day!

  1. Lisa J.

    These are very cute Stephanie and your piecing is so precise! I am planning on getting some sewing done this weekend as I have several presents to make.

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