Tractors and Stars…

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Tractors and Stars…


Tractors and Stars! Don’t they just scream holiday season? Well stars do, maybe some people love the thought of tractors at Christmas. Like farmers, I bet farmers dream of new tractors at Christmas.


Anyway, this week I made the Tractor block for the Farm Girl Vintage 2 sew along. I was a little nervous about this block but it came together very easily. I even embroidered the puff of smoke coming out of the smoke stack. This is the 12″ version, I’m not sure if I would attempt the 6″ version.


Also this week, I made this 6″ star block. I love how cheery this block is.It just makes me smile.


One thought on “Tractors and Stars…

  1. cheryljbrickey

    I love the tractor block, so cute!

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