Farm Girl Fun…

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Farm Girl Fun…


Do you love Farm Girl Fridays as much as I do? I am really enjoying making these blocks and thinking about how this quilt is going to come together when they are all done. Here are the blocks I made this week.


img_0378So at first glance, that piece of fruit in the right hand corner looks like an apple, but it’s a peach. This is the Fall Harvest block. This block is 6″ finished. Of course the Farm Girl Vintage 2 book has the instructions to make a 12″ version. But for my quilt I made a 6″

img_0379Here’s the Farm Girl Boots block. Personally I LOVE wearing cowboy boots. They are the most comfortable things on earth to put on your feet. I’m not sure that I would wear teal ones, but I figure the Farm Girl is spunky and can pull it off. This is another 6″ block.

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