Farm Girl Friday…

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Farm Girl Friday…


It’s time to share some more Farm Girl Vintage 2 blocks.


First up is the Farm to Table block. Sometimes as I’m sewing these blocks I wonder how Lori Holt comes up with her ideas. I would never think to make a dinner plate and a set of utensils for a quilt block. But I think it’s perfect. In my head women who live on farms are the best cooks. This place setting would make the cheeriest kitchen table.


This block is the Friendly Goat block. I guess he’s friendly because he’s letting that cute little chick hitch a ride. Goats always make me laugh. Sometimes they seem like the most joyful creatures at a farm. Occasionally, I’ll see a video online of goats bouncing all around like puppies and the always make me smile. But then I remember a friend telling me about how her goats would climb on top of their little shelter and eat the shingles off the small building. I guess you never know what you’re going to get with a goat.

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  1. onecreativefamily

    These are cute blocks.

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