January Color Challenge…

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January Color Challenge…


I really hope that you signed up to sew along with Jen in the 2020 Monthly Color Challenge. January is the first month so there is plenty of time. This month the challenge color is Yellow.


Image result for caution sign"

When I was young, yellow was my favorite color. How can you go wrong with yellow? It’s the color of the sun and all the happiest of flowers. On the color wheel, yellow sits between yellow-orange and yellow-green. Because it is so visible it is often used as a cautionary color.


Here’s the yellow fabric I chose from my stash. I believe this is an Art Gallery fabric but I’m not sure which line. I do like the sunshiney yellow color a great deal.


This is a great block to overcome the dullness of January. Be sure to visit Patterns by Jen for more information on the 2020 Color Challenge!



3 thoughts on “January Color Challenge…

  1. Shasta

    That’s pretty! I am making a yellow and white quilt. Will need to get it out again so I can do this challenge.

  2. Lea

    What a pretty block. I think yellow is fabulous in a quilt. I haven’t made an all yellow quilt, or yellow and white (yet) but when I make a scrap quilt I always put yellow in it.

  3. Kathleen McCormick

    Lovely version of this fun block to start the new year!

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