Farm Girl Friday…

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Farm Girl Friday…


Yay! It’s time for Farm Girl Friday once again!


This 6″ block is called New Baby Blanket. This block reminds me of a little doll quilt that a young girl might attempt to make from her mom’s scrap basket for her own dolls. It’s so sweet. Four patches inside a 16 patch.


This is the Peas and Carrots block. I’m going to be honest, There’s a couple of placement mistakes in this quilt block but I decided not to worry about it. Once it’s in the bigger quilt no one will even know. I don’t love this block, probably because I don’t like peas. The whole time I was sewing this block I was thinking about mushy peas, which I think are very bland. That’s how I feel about this block. At least it wasn’t Brussel Sprouts.

Just so you know, there will be no Farm Girl Friday next week, but there will be a different post.

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  1. Quilted Pants

    I don’t mind peas but you’d never catch me eating a Brussel Sprout or making a Brussel Sprout block! 😀 I’m just amazed at the number of patches you can squeeze into a 6.5″ block!

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