Social Distancing…

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Social Distancing…

Social Distancing… it’s such a lonely sounding term. But here we are, practicing that very concept, staying in our homes with our families in order to hopefully minimize the spread of Corona Virus. My family has made a few adjustments to our normal lives in order to get through this time.

I am lucky that I can do my job from home when I need to. The company that I work for has asked all employees that have the ability to do their jobs from home do so until we are told that we can report back to the office. So I have made a few changes in my home office so that I am more comfortable over the next few weeks.

As far as groceries and cleaning supplies, we have always been the family that keeps supplies about a month out so we made one last trip to the store Friday to replenish some non-perishables. I was not one of those people buying insane amounts of toilet paper, there was none available when I was at the store.

I’ve been making sure that we get outside each day for some time in the sun. Spring is almost here and it’s still chilly in Colorado but nothing we can’t handle. A walk around the neighborhood has been good for my head and a great opportunity to get away from all the news.

Early in the week, prior to the work from home directive, I was able to get all the routine doctor’s appointments and eye doctor appointments done for the year. Talk about great timing! Now as long as we stay healthy we shouldn’t have to go to the doctor. I also finished up the taxes this weekend.

Maybe I’ll clean out a closet. But there’s also a flower bed that I still need to clean up from last year because the snow is finally melted. There will definitely be a little more sewing in my life during this time. I hope you find healthy ways to get through this period of Social Distancing. Stay positive and healthy!


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  1. Quilted Pants

    Yes! It’s time to look around our homes and our gardens and get busy away from the news! I might actually do a Spring Clean this year!

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