How Are You Holding Up?

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How Are You Holding Up?


I’m writing this on Easter Sunday, it’s kind of a gloomy day as it’s 25 degrees and snowing here in the Denver area. Tomorrow marks 33 days of me staying at home due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Honestly we’re doing ok here. Working from home, making lots of yummy meals, doing some spring clean up in the yard, chatting with neighbors from a distance and catching up with friends through digital methods. Sadly I haven’t felt much like sewing in the last week so I don’t have anything to share with you today. I did do a little bit yesterday but I will share that in a few days.

Even though it is snowing here, it seems spring is moving things along pretty quickly as all our trees and shrubs are leafing out. I always worry about that in Colorado because we do tend to get heavy, wet snows this time of year and that can stunt the trees progress and break lots of branches. Hopefully that doesn’t happen this year.

Here in Colorado our Governor has extended the stay at home order through April 26th. I’m sure as we get closer to that date, he will reassess. I had plans to do a wildlife safari in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone in May but we decided to cancel. There’s no guarantee that the National Parks and lodging in the parks will be reopened. So I’ll be looking for other fun trips when this is all over.

It’s going to be chilly all week so I won’t be outside much. Nonetheless, I hope you have a wonderful, healthy week. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “How Are You Holding Up?

  1. Kathleen McCormick

    Staying safe in Maine….we’re looking at early May, but I am sure that will be extended. I am looking forward to spring which is taking its New England time getting here!

  2. allisonwp

    Spring is well underway here in the South of the UK. Bluebells and cherry blossom 🙂 But lock-down is in full swing so we are following the advice to stay local on our daily walks. We are half way through six weeks of lock-down and can’t be sure how or when restrictions will be lifted. Our garden is looking unusually neat and tidy! But some jobs we can’t do as hardware shops are closed.
    Hope you stay well and can very soon enjoy Spring without the worry of snowfall.

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