April Color Challenge…

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April Color Challenge…


If you have been following Quilt’n Party for a while you may recall that I don’t really love purple. I can appreciate what it does for a flower or for a quilt, but I don’t really love it.


Crown Jewels

Purple is a mixture of red and blue, and is usually associated with royalty and nobility. This is mainly because it was very expensive to create purple pigment way back in ye olden days so only those with a great deal of cash flow (royalty) could afford it.


So, because I don’t love purple, there’s not a lot of it in my stash. I chose this fabric as it was the closest I could find to purple.


Be sure to check out Patterns by Jen for more information on this month’s 2020 Color Challenge block.




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  1. allisonwp

    Purples not my favourite colour either! I can close the lid on my purple scrap bin! All the others are overflowing! I like your block, I’m sure it will add a point of interest to your color challenge quilt.

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