August Color Challenge…

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August Color Challenge…

Pink! If you mix red and white, you get pink!


Image result for flower called pinks"

Pink represents all things feminine and romantic, at least in the Western World. In Japan, pink is associated with masculinity, as the pink cherry blossom tree is a symbol of fallen Japanese Warriors. Did you know that Dianthus flowers are also called Pinks? You know what I’ve learned in writing these blog posts for the Color Challenge? Some colors have so much information you could go on and on, like Pink. But others, like last month’s rust… crickets.


Here’s the pink fabric that I chose for this month. It’s leaning a little to the salmon side of things, but I also wanted it to sort of coordinate with the fabrics I’ve used in the previous months.


Be sure to check out Patterns by Jen for more information on this month’s 2020 Color Challenge block.

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