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Bertics photoHi you… thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Stephanie and I might have a fabric addiction problem.  But if you’re visiting my blog it’s very likely that you do as well, so we’re all in good company!!! I’ve been quilting since I was about 30 (never mind how many years it’s been). My grandmother taught me to do handwork when I was about 7 so I feel like I’ve always had a needle in my hand. My mother used to sew clothes so I was always familiar with a sewing machine. Strangely, there are no quilters in my family yet, I’ve always loved handmade quilts; so I decided to teach myself. I’m sure I don’t do some things “right” but to me it’s all about going through the process and enjoying the finished product. By day, I work as an IT Business Analyst for a Fortune 100 Company (please don’t think that means I’m technical). On this blog you’ll see photos and posts about what goes on the rest of the time (no one wants to hear about work). You’ll also see my Pomeranian, Katrina… who thinks she’s an Alaskan Malamute. She believes that every quilt I make is for her, actually she thinks everything I do is for her. She also likes to steal fabric as I’m sewing. I like to imagine that she’s working on a quilt under the bed that she will surprise me with one day.  That’s not likely. img_4670

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