Can I return embroidered figs?

Embroidered items are also final sale and cannot be returned for a refund or exchange.

How many times can you exchange figs?

Exchanges are allowed up to 60 days.

Can you return figs without tags?

Returns on items eligible for returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase. Returns must be in new, unworn condition with tags attached and in the state you received them.

Can I return figs after 30 days?

All FIGS products carry a satisfaction guarantee limited to 30 days from the delivery date (not the date of installation or date in service). If for any reason the customer is not satisfied with the quality or presentation of the received items within that 30 day period, they must contact FIGS to arrange for a return.

Do figs restock?

Sometimes we’ll restock a super popular color, so there’s a tiny chance it will come back. … Our Core Colors (Black, Ceil Blue, Graphite, Navy and Royal Blue) are replenished/restocked frequently, so have no fear there—those should almost always be available.

Do figs scrubs shrink at all?

Yes. FIGS scrubs can be put in the dryer, but per the recommendations of the company, you should tumble dry on a low heat setting. This helps reduce: Shrinkage.

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Do figs run small or big?

While many refer to the fit as “small” others found the size they ordered was actually too loose, especially in the tops. However, one FIGS scrubs Reddit review says they are the best scrubs for a “fit” guy.

Are figs scrubs worth it?

Here’s what our nurses said:

They were worth it! The yoga waistband is SO comfortable and the pants are flattering in the right places.” “My [Yola Skinny] scrub pants fit me almost as well as a pair of jeans, but with a bit more give. They run a tad past my heel but not enough that I need them hemmed.

How long does it take to exchange figs?

From the time you send back your return, a refund will take 7-10 business days. Some banks will take up to an additional 5 days to apply the refund to your account.

How often does figs release new colors?

Limited Edition Scrubs are available in smaller quantities, released weekly and bi-weekly and sell out FAST. If you miss out on a style, don’t worry — there will be something else soon! Our Limited Edition Colors are also ordered in smaller quantities, released on a monthly basis and sell out FAST.

Did figs change their sizing?

We’re updating our sizing slightly to ensure every set of FIGS fits everybody and every body perfectly. Read on to check out the improvements we’ve made and what it means for you! We’ve tweaked our sizes incrementally – especially around the shoulders, hips and thighs – to provide a better fit for more figures.

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Can I cancel a figs order?

Order Cancellation.

If any Product is discontinued or otherwise becomes unavailable, FIGS reserves the right to cancel your order and provide you a refund for the amount paid for the Product.

Does figs have a store?

FIGS Becomes the First-Ever Medical Apparel Company to Open A Pop-Up Shop with Its First Location on Melrose Place.

What material are figs Scrubs?

On top of that, Figs scrubs help nurses to deliver optimal patient care by reducing hospital-acquired infection through their 100% antimicrobial fabric. Their scrub fabric is literally made of silver – one the leading antimicrobial agents since ancient times.

Can you hem figs Scrubs?

Scrubs have become the routine uniform for many professions. … Of course, you can always hem the scrubs with a needle and thread, but using no sew fusible fabric tape is quick and will hold up through multiple washing and drying cycles.

What are figs core colors?

Our Core Colors are Black, Ceil Blue, Graphite, Navy, Burgundy, and Royal Blue. These are offered in every style we release.