How did the Happy Prince and the Swallow help the poor seamstress and the playwright?

1. On Happy Prince’s request the swallow carried red ruby from his sword hilt to the poor seamstress who could not afford oranges for her sick son. 2. On Happy Prince’s behest, the swallow plucked an expensive sapphire from one of his eyes and carried it to the struggling playwright to help him financially.

How did the prince and swallow help the poor seamstress?

The Happy Prince helped a seamstress by sending his great ruby through the swallow. Then he requested the swallow to take out a sapphire from his eye and give it to a playwright who was about to faint because of hunger and cold. Another sapphire was sent to the match girl. Now the Happy Prince became blind.

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How did the prince help the poor playwright?

The playwright was very poor. He could not buy food and firewood. It was difficult for him to write a play without food and firewood. The Prince took pity on him and decided to help him by sending the sapphires with the help of the swallow.

How did the Happy Prince helped the playwright?

The Happy Prince requested the swallow to pluck out the sapphire from one of his eyes and take it to the playwright. The swallow took the sapphire to the playwright. Now he could buy food and firewood. Thus the Prince and the swallow helped the young playwright.

How did the Happy Prince and the Swallow help the people in the city illustrate in detail with examples from the story?

3. On Happy Prince’s insistence the swallow plucked his second sapphire eye and took it to the matchgirl to help her get some money. 4. Lastly, on Happy Prince’s request, the swallow took off his gold layer in pieces and give them to the poor and needy people in the city.

Why did swallow die?

The swallow is a bird who needs to migrate to a warm climate in the winter months. … The swallow kisses the Prince on the lips and then dies in that moment, having fulfilled his purpose, which causes the lead heart of the Prince to crack in two.

How was the poor seamstress helped?

Answer: The Happy Prince asked the swallow to take the ruby out of his sword, where it was hidden and give it to the seamstress, whose son was lying on the bed with fever. The swallow took the ruby and placed it on the table.

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What is the moral of the story The Happy Prince?

The moral of the story is that we must help the poor and the needy. The prince set an example of this by giving his jewels to the poor. The swallow also proved to be a great example of love and sacrifice.

What are the two most precious things mentioned in the story?

The precious things mentioned in the story are the leaden heart of the happy prince and the dead bird. They are both precious because they were kind and selfless. The prince was very sad to see the ugliness and miseries of his city.

Who helped the Happy Prince to help the poor and needy?

One day, he met the swallow who agreed to help him in his deeds. The swallow took of the prince’s ruby, sapphires and gold to distribute to the poor and needy. The swallow also went on to make the prince aware of the poverty still existing around him, since the prince had gone blind.

Who was happy prince and how was he unique?

He was gilded all over with thin leaves of fine gold, for eyes he had two bright sapphires, and a large red ruby glowed on his sword hilt. The statue of a prince stood on a high platform, overlooking the city. This prince was called a Happy Prince because when he was alive, he always remained very happy.

Why was the little girl who was selling matches crying?

The match girl was sent to sell the matches and earn some money. But, unfortunately her matches fell into the gutter and were spoiled. If she doesn’t get some money for that day then her father would scold her. So she was crying.

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What made the playwright happy?

=》The playwright saw a sapphire lying near him on the table. He thought it had been sent by some great admirer. This made him happy.

Why Happy Prince was unhappy?

The Happy Prince felt unhappy because of the misery and unhappiness of the people of his city. When he was alive and a real prince he had lived in a palace where there was no sign of sorrow. Even with a heart of lead, he could see the poverty and ugliness that his people lived in.

How did the Happy Prince help the poor and the starving children and what do you learn from the story?

1 Answer. As per the orders of the Happy Prince, the gold leaves and the jewels on his boy were taken out by the swallow and distributed among the poor. Thus, the Happy Prince was able to help the poor children in the city.

Why did the Swallow decided to stay with the Prince?

The swallow have that jewel to a little girl who was selling eggs but they fell down and she had no answer to give to her father. So the Prince was not able to see and hence, he decided to stay with the Prince and help him in seeing the condition of the city.