What yarn is best for ear warmers?

Worsted weight yarn is my favorite weight to use for crochet hats and ear warmers.

How wide should a Crochet Ear Warmer be?

A great standard width for crochet ear warmers is 3.5″ wide. I have found this width to work well from toddler size to adult size. Of course you can go narrower or thicker, but 3.5″ wide generally gives total ear coverage which is important when you are trying to keep those ears nice and warm!

What yarn is best for headbands?

The Yarn I Recommend for Your Ear Warmer Headband Patterns

I love using all types of yarn for headbands, but probably my favorite is Lion Brand Woolspun! It is soft, has a great texture, and looks great when worn!

How do you wear an ear warmer headband?

Your ear warmer should be at an angle and cover both your forehead and your ears. If your headband attaches by a button in the back, instead of pulling your headband around your neck and up onto your forehead, you can simply attach the headband to your head on an angle and button the back to secure it.

How wide should a knit headband be?

Cast on the number of stitches you’d need for the final piece to be 2.5″ (6.4 cm) wide. (If you were getting 10 stitches per inch, you’d cast on 25, for example.) In this example, it’ll be 16 stitches for size 8 to 10 needles. You can make a headband that is a bit wider or skinnier if you choose.

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How long does it take to knit a headband?

(The knitting is done, the ends are woven in). Cut tail and tie in ends! I love this hat pattern because it’s quick and the thick yarn makes it really warm! My go-to hat pattern, in worsted and worked in the round, generally takes about 3-5 hours.

How do you cinch a crochet ear warmer?


  1. Level: Easy.
  2. Round 1: FDC* 62. …
  3. Round 2: Ch 1; HDC in each St around. …
  4. Round 3: Ch 2; DC in each St around. …
  5. Rounds 4-7: Repeat rounds 2-3 two more times.
  6. To Cinch:
  7. Thread the long tail through your yarn needle. …
  8. Bring either side up to the top of the fold and hold secure with your fingers.


How long should headbands be?

Headband size chart – Headband size chart. Newborn: 13-1/4 inches 3-6 months: 14-1/2 inches 6-12 months: 16 inches 12 months – Teen: 17-1/2 inches Adult: 18 inc.

How much yarn do I need for a headband?

Adult headband requires about 62 g of yarn.

What is the weight of worsted yarn?

Under this system, worsted yarn is considered a medium weight number four yarn with a knitting gauge of 16-20 stitches for every four inches of knitting. When shopping for worsted yarn, look for the word, “worsted” or a prominent number four on the yarn label.