Question: Can you hem a knitted sweater?

To hem a dense knit like this, you may use the same hand sewing techniques as you would for an open knit, or you can turn the hem and use a twin needle to stitch. A twin needle creates two parallel rows of stitching and allows the hem to stretch when worn.

How do you shorten a sweater without it unraveling?

  1. Use straight pins to mark the area of the sweater that needs to be steeked.
  2. Using your sewing machine, sew a line of short stitches around this area. These stitches will prevent the sweater from unraveling.
  3. With sharp scissors, cut into the area inside the stitches. Be sure you do not cut into the machine stitching.

Can you shorten a knitted cardigan?

Yep, me too. The good news is that you can easily fix that without ripping out the whole thing and having to start from scratch. In principle you can add length, shorten or re-knit the bottom of any knitted garment.

Can you hem a cardigan?

Can you shorten a knitted cardigan? Sure. Working with knit fabrics can be more challenging than working with woven fabrics, but it’s still possible. Taking up the hem of a cardigan is actually one of the easiest alterations you can make.

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Can you alter a cardigan?

Thanks for your time. You generally can. Most wool, cashmere, and natural fiber knits can be altered in order to give a better fit. This includes “fine knits” (small stitched, machine-made items) and knits of medium and heavier weight yarns.

How do you shorten a sweater by hand?


  1. Mark where you want your sweater to end. …
  2. Make two cuts across the bottom of your sweater. …
  3. Pin the bottom and top together.
  4. Sew the two pieces together.
  5. Trim the fabric between the top and bottom a little more so they match up.
  6. Overlock (or Zigzag) that raw edge.
  7. Press your new seam down with an iron.


How do you turn a knitted cardigan into a sweater?

How to Turn an Old Sweater into a Stylish Cardigan

  1. Fold your sweater in half and mark the center front at the top and bottom.
  2. Cut straight up the center front, making sure to only cut through the front layer of the sweater.
  3. Attach a 1″ strip of fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric on each side of the opening.

Can you cut the sleeves off a sweater?

Cut the sleeves off.

Use a pair of fabric scissors to do this. You can also extend the cut a little bit below the armhole, but do not extend it to the front or back, or it will be too big. Don’t worry if the sweater starts to unravel a little.

How do I stop my sweater sleeves from stretching?

If you put the sleeves in water, reshape it, and set it out to dry for a few days that should work as well. Although felting (adding heat and friction) does shrink animal fibers. So make sure that if you’re adding heat to your sleeves that they don’t start looking fuzzier as you’re going.

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Can you shorten a knitted dress?

When you cut it, cut just below the line. The stitches should hold the knit in place and stop the bottom unraveling. … It fuses to the back of the knit so that there is no movement or alteration in the knit when you cut it, makes it easier to stitch and hem like any other fabric.

How can I make my sweater tighter?

Dry the sweater on low heat for 25 minutes, checking it every 6 minutes. The heat will make the fibers tighten up, which causes the garment to shrink. To avoid shrinking your sweater too much, check on it every 6 minutes.