What does B and T loosely mean in knitting?

B & T tightly − means break off yarn leaving a long end, thread it through sts left on knitting needle, pull to gather tightly, then fasten off. B & T loosely − means same as above, but thread yarn through sts loosely and leave until later on.

What does B&T in knitting mean?

B&T stands for. “break & thread through”

What is Co and Bo in knitting?

Casting Off, also called binding off, is how we finish off our work. When looking at a knitting pattern, the abbreviation for Cast Off is CO and Bind Off is BO, so I will use these terms interchangeably throughout my lesson.

What are some knitting terms?

Basic knitting abbreviations

  • alt: Alternate – worked on every other row or stitch.
  • beg: Begin or beginning – to start as specified or position to be worked at or from, measured from or marked.
  • cont: Continue – carry on working.
  • dec: Decrease or decreasing – by working 2 or more stitches together.
  • foll: Following.


What does B&T mean?

B&T. Burglary & Theft (law enforcement; also see B&E) B&T.

How do you break yarn and thread through remaining stitches?

How to “pull through” to cast off

  1. At the cast off edge, break the yarn leaving a long tail. …
  2. Take the darning needle through the first live stitch on the knitting needle. …
  3. Pull the darning needle all the way through the stitch, and let the stitch fall off the knitting needle.
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Should you always slip first stitch when knitting?

When slipping the first stitch of a row, always slip it purlwise, as this preserves the stitch orientation, keeping the right leg to the front, so that it’s properly positioned for next time you need to work it. … That is, slip the stitch with yarn in back if it’s a knit row; in front if it’s a purl row.

What is the difference between casting off and decreasing in knitting?

If you look at how a sweater is built, the decreases make a piece “lean” and get narrower, while the cast-off stitches leave a definite edge. … From there, you decrease, which makes the sweater front go up to the shoulder at an angle. In the back, you’re casting off the middle stitches because they’re the neckline.

What does M stand for in knitting?

Also on this page:

Abbreviation Description
m marker
M1 or M1K make one stitch knitwise; single knit increase
M1R make one right; single right-leaning knit increase
M1L make one left; single left-leaning knit increase

What does F mean in knitting?

Knitting Abbreviations: A–F

This first set of abbreviations teaches you about basics like casting on, binding off, and contrasting colors. alt – alternate. approx – approximately. beg – beginning. bet – between.

What is Patt in knitting?

The basic thing to know is when a pattern says ‘patt 7 or 11 or 21’ it means to work that number of sts in the pattern that you’ve been working in. You’ve probably knit several rows in the basic stitch pattern, you’re just going to decrease sts in it is all.

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