What does Steek mean in knitting?

The term steek refers to the “bridge” that you work into your knitting, along the vertical axis where you want your piece to be cut. It helps guide your scissors and reinforces both sides of the opening that you create.

How many stitches is a Steek?

After completing a tube, a straight line is cut along the center of a column of stitches, in order to make room for an opening or place to attach another piece. The steek itself is a bridge of extra stitches, in which the cut is made, and is usually 6-10 stitches wide.

How do you knit Steek?


  1. Knit and blocked. …
  2. make a slip knot over your crochet hook.
  3. Put your hook through the top of stitch 4.
  4. Pull through a loop (you will now have 2 loops on your hook)
  5. Pull your working yarn through these two loop (you will now have 1 loop on your hook)


Should I block before I Steek?

I don’t recommend blocking any more vigorously than that – if the stitches are stretched significantly before you work the steek, then they will be more likely to want to pop out of the crocheted reinforcement.

Can I cut my knitting?

To prepare a piece of knitting for cutting, you need to secure the stitches in the steek panel so they do not come undone when you cut them. To secure my knitted stitches, I sewed VERTICALLY between columns of stitches, splitting the knitting yarn as I went.

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How do you add Steek to a pattern?

To add a steek when you are joining to work in the round (which can be done at any time) you simply cast on extra stitches using the backwards loop method at the end of the right side row and onto the right needle. Then join to work in the round by working the first stitch on the left needle.

Can you Steek any sweater?

It’s great if you can avoid it and steeks make it possible. You just knit a tube and then basically cut holes for the arms and neck. With steeks, you can also transform a sweater into a cardigan after the fact if you want to.

What is a Steek slang?

Definitions include: a person who steals cattle or sheep.

Can you cut a knit sweater?

Although I wouldn’t usually recommend cutting into knit fabric (due to the chances of it unravelling), I have found that if you stick to separating the seams of store bought knits (which are usually made from pieces of knit rather than actually knitted as one), you won’t experience too much fraying.

Can you Steek with Superwash Wool?

Traditional steeked sweaters used sticky, not-so-soft wool yarn so that the strands would stick to each other like Velcro®. You can also use Superwash wool or other non-wool yarns, or even knit in a solid color, but you will need to reinforce your steek.

Can you Steek with acrylic yarn?

The properties that allow wool to felt also help secure the steeks, which is why it is preferred. With an acrylic yarn those properties aren’t inherent in the yarn and you will have to do something else like sewing to secure.

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