What is a tubular bind off in knitting?

What is tubular bind off?

The tubular bind off is a sewn bind off which creates an invisible edge on 1×1 ribbing that perfectly matches the tubular cast on. Similar to the Kitchener stitch seam, this technique seamlessly connects stitches from the right and wrong side of the fabric.

Is tubular bind off stretchy?

The tubular bind-off is wonderfully stretchy and aligns beautifully with the wales of your rib, making it ideal for trims such as sleeve cuffs and sock ribbing. If you’re a fan of the neat finish you get with a tubular cast-on, you are going to love this bind-off.

How do you stop tubular binding off?

Tubular Bind Off

  1. Working from right to left, insert tapestry needle purlwise into the first stitch (a knit stitch) and pull the yarn through.
  2. STEP 2* …
  3. Return the tapestry needle to the front and insert knitwise into the first (knit) stitch, slipping this stitch off the knitting needle.

How do you do a tubular bind off in the round?

Step 1: Insert needle knitwise into next (knit) stitch, and drop that stitch from the knitting needle. Step 2: Skip next purl st, insert needle purlwise into next knit stitch and pull through. Step 3: Insert needle purlwise into skipped purl stitch and pull through. Drop this stitch from the knitting needle.

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What is the Italian bind off in knitting?

The Italian bind off, also known as knit1-purl1 bind off or Kitchener bind off is a sewn bind off technique that yields beautiful, professional-looking results. It’s excellent for binding off a traditional knit 1 purl 1 rib, and also lovely for brioche rib, shaker rib and other slip-stitch ribs.