How do you join two curtains without sewing?

Can you join two curtains together?

With the two curtain panels fully joined from top to bottom, you simply need to put the top and bottom back together as it was! To do that, lay your seam to one side and iron it in place. Then fold down the top and bottom hems, exactly where they were, and pin in place. Add any tabs or other details back as needed.

How do you connect two curtain panels together?

How to Connect Curtain Panels Without Sewing

  1. Fabric Stapler.
  2. Place one panel face up on a large flat surface. …
  3. Draw a line with a washable fabric marker and a straight edge that is 1/2 inch from the side edge of the top panel. …
  4. Load a fabric stapler with staples and then staple the two panel layers together along this one seam.

How do you keep curtains together?

To simply keep the curtains closed, place the magnets just inside the vertical edge where one panel meets another. To seal all the curtain’s edges to the window opening, position the magnets across both sides and the bottom, if not the top of the curtain as well.

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How do you sew two ready made curtains together?

Sewing Unlined Curtain Panels Together

  1. Begin by placing the two panels you plan on joining together side by side on a flat surface. …
  2. Once the vertical seams have been undone move onto unpicking the stitches on the top and bottom on each curtain panel. …
  3. Prepare each curtain panel for sewing by ironing the side seams flat.


Do you need 2 curtain panels?

When most people think of curtains, they think of two pieces of fabric, one on each side of a window. But most curtains are sold in panels. A panel is a single curtain, so it is one piece of fabric. So if you want that traditional curtain look, you will need to buy two curtain panels.

What to do when your curtains are too short?

With adding curtain rings and lengthening the bottom edge of your curtains, you can add several inches on length to your short curtains. Remember those short blue curtains from the first picture? Check out how much length I was able to add by attaching curtain rings and redoing the bottom seam!

How do you hang multiple curtain panels?

To achieve this look, slide one panel of the main curtains onto the rod. Move it to the very end to create space for additional panels. After that, add one or two of the sheer panel on to the rod. The number you add depends on your taste.

What is an alternative to curtains?

Blinding brilliance: 6 alternatives to heavy curtains for a fresh window look

  • Roman blinds. Roman blinds are a classic look and, being less bulky than curtains, enable you to use luxurious fabrics for a fraction of the cost. …
  • Curtain panels. …
  • Shutters. …
  • Window film. …
  • Matchstick blinds. …
  • Café curtains.
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How do you keep curtains from fading?

Use curtains with a good quality lining; this provides better insulation and helps to protect them from sun damage. Use sheer curtains during the day to keep the sun out and allow you some privacy in your home, closing your main curtains in the evenings only.

How do you sew store bought curtains together?

  1. Unstitch the vertical side seams on two curtain panels that you plan to sew together. …
  2. Unpick the stitching in the top sleeve and on the bottom hem. …
  3. Iron the side seam marks flat along the entire length of both panels.
  4. Place panels right-sides together and pin. …
  5. Stitch a 5/8-inch seam end to end, joining both panels.

How do you add width to ready made curtains?

Measure the width of your curtain rod, rail or pole and divide it by two. If you want your curtains to be gathered, multiply the result by 1.5 to two, depending on how full you want them to be when drawn. Subtract the width of the pre-made curtain panels from the result.