How do you sew a button on a loop?

How do you attach a loop button?

Tie a good solid knot around the edge of the fabric at one end of the loop. Insert the eye of the needle into the loop tunnel. Begin to feed the needle along the tunnel and out through the other end. Gently pull on the needle, and as you do, the end where you tied the knot should begin to roll into the tunnel slowly.

How do you sew a button loop thread?

How to Sew a Thread Chain

  1. Thread a needle. I like to use heavy duty or embroidery thread for these. …
  2. Take a stitch. …
  3. Form the first link. …
  4. Make the next loop. …
  5. Close the loop. …
  6. Knot the chain. …
  7. Turn the chain into a loop.


What is a button loop?

Button loops go along the closing overlap edge of a garment and they extend out from the edge. … This is the length of the button loop. Loops can be made individually, or they can be made from a continuous length, but this measurement is key to consistency.

How does a loop turner work?

The loop turner, a handy little gadget, is indispensable for turning narrow tubes, like belt loops and button loops. To use it, you insert the long wire with the hook end into one end of the sewn tube, latch the hook onto the fabric at the other end, and close the latch.

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What is Bridal loop?

Elastic Bridal Button loops. One of the classic hallmarks of a wedding gown is the row of fabric-covered bridal buttons trailing down the back of the gown. With this elastic loops secured on braided trim you can create this kind bridal gown easily.