How do you sew on snap?

How do you sew a popper?

Stitch through the fabric layers with one stitch through each hole to secure the popper. Loop stitch through each of the holes securing the top part of the popper. Rub the protruding part of the popper with tailors chalk and press onto the fabric where the bottom popper will sit. The tailors chalk will mark the fabric.

How do you attach popper buttons?

Make a hole in the fabric with the holepunch or awl, and insert the button cap post into the hole, again ensuring cap is located on the outside of the garment. Place the spring socket on the cap post and then place the base of the cap inside the indent of the anvil so the socket is facing up.

How do you put snaps on clothes?

Start by securing the snap cap and socket side. Place the snap cap right side down in the metal cup, and place outer fabric right side down over prongs, taking care that the placement markings are aligning with the snap. Press down to push prongs through the fabric.

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