quiltn party

Secret Sewing…

I love this photo for a few reasons. First, I love the light in this photo. I took this early in the morning, on a day that promised 65 degree temperatures. 65 degree temperatures in early March… in Colorado!!! We’ve gotten a little soft here as Mother Nature has been easy on us. I think it’sRead More

quiltn party

Early morning walks…

I love old barns. There’s a few in my town that the local historic society has been able to preserve. My favorite is this one, Slemmer Ranch Barn. The barn was built in 1918 by Edmund and Anna Slemmer. The barn contained a hayloft on the second floor and horses and dairy cows on the mainRead More

quiltn party

Oh you crazy spring…

It’s spring here in Colorado. That means you better be ready for anything regarding the weather. Of course, that’s kind of the rule for Colorado year round. Last Wednesday, it was a dreary, snowy / rainy day. Katrina spent her day snuggled in my favorite quilt while I had to go to the office. Fast forwardRead More